Over Seven Decades In Beaver County
In 1947, Anthony P. Capo founded Dan's Furniture Exchange in New Brighton, Pa. in 1949, he moved to a larger building on Allegheny street and renamed the business Capo's Furniture and Exchange. 1951 saw continued success as Anthony out grew the location on Allegheny street and he relocated to 3rd Avenue Freedom PA next to the Morells Gulf Station. In 1953, fortune continued to shine down on Anthony as he outgrew the Freedom location and moved back to New Brighton to the 1100-1103 area of 3rd Ave. in 1958; Robert J Capo Sr. joins the business as secretary treasurer.  With business showing no signs of slowing down, Anthony purchased Emricks Shoe Store building next door at 930 Third Avenue. 1962 brought with it misfortune as the building that housed Capo's Furniture exchange was destroyed by fire. 1963 saw Capo's Furniture and Exchange Incorporated. Appraisal services were added in 1964.  1970 saw the addition of Estate Services, soon followed by Auction services in 1975. Capo's is a family owned and operated company, in fact every direct descendent of Anthony Capo has worked for the company at on point or another. Here is a list of the Capo family members that have worked for Capo Furniture Inc. from the beginning;
Dan Capo, Lou Capo, Dorothy Capo, Robert J. Capo Sr, Lillian Capo, Chuck Capo, Patty Capo, Dennis Capo, Shirley Capo, Ida Capo, Robert J Capo Jr.,  Marlene Capo, Ben Capo, Greg Capo, Robert J Capo III, Victoria Capo, and Julie Capo.